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Julijs Liepins

Managing Director, Financial Advisory

Forsyth Street


Julijs Liepins joined Forsyth Street in 2007 and leads much of the firm’s fund management and financial advisory business. Funds he has worked on creating and/or managing include the San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund and its subsidiary, the Homes for the Homeless Fund (San Francisco, CA); the Stabilization Trust REO Capital Fund (national); the Enterprise Louisiana Loan Fund (New Orleans, LA); the New Generation Fund (Los Angeles, CA); and the New York City Acquisition Fund (New York, NY).

He also works with the firm’s not-for-profit, philanthropic and governmental clients, helping them to structure and implement innovative financing programs. These programs have been critical components of clients’ strategies for creating affordable housing, stabilizing distressed neighborhoods, encouraging energy efficiency and generating wealth in low-income areas.

He received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Mathematics from Amherst College.

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