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Esther Sandrof

Chief Operating Officer

Forsyth Street

Advisors, Asset Management

Esther Sandrof, a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer at Forsyth Street Companies has over 30 years of experience in the real estate finance industry working with a wide variety of public and private clients.

With a background in real estate and housing finance, she advises developers, financial institutions, philanthropies and government entities in development of innovative financing strategies for residential, commercial and cultural projects oriented toward achieving social impact This has included development of new strategies for preservation of at-risk affordable housing in New York City, development of new collaborative mechanisms for non-profit community-based developers in various U.S. cities, advising philanthropies on strategies to achieve deeper impact through participation in structured loan funds and development of new mechanisms to support for the creation of affordable workspace for New York City artists.

Previously, as Director at Hamilton, Rabinovitz & Alschuler, Inc., she developed and implemented financing programs and mechanisms in U.S cities. She has a Bachelor’s degree in History and Art History from Rutgers College and a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University.

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