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Who We Are

We serve public and private organizations that create and preserve affordable housing,

reinvest in disinvested communities, promote clean energy, and finance public sector projects.  

Founded in 2003, we are a team of creative problem solvers with deep, practical experience in the public and private sectors.  We help our clients create more equitable, inclusive, and resilient communities.

We bring our expertise in financial structuring to bear on difficult problems.  We work with our clients to provide strategic, actionable advice, manage impact-oriented investment funds, and structure and advise on affordable housing transactions.  

We have helped our clients deliver results, with more than $4 billion in transactions closed and have guided the financing for tens of thousands of units of affordable housing.  We have helped capitalize numerous impact funds for our clients and currently have $330 million in assets under management.

We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships with our diverse set of clients.  Our clients hail from all sectors: government, non-profit, philanthropic, private, corporate, and financial institutions.



Forsyth Street

Guiding mission-driven organizations
to the right strategy

Forsyth Street Advisors provides in-depth, high-value financial advisory services for public agencies, non-profit organizations, philanthropies, and social enterprises.  The company helps clients develop, finance and run new programs and mission enterprises, among many other activities.


Picture of low-rise city skyline

Forsyth Street
Asset Management

Setting the pace for
impact investment funds

Forsyth Street Asset Management is a Registered Investment Advisor with $330 million in assets under management.  The company serves as Fund Manager for the New York City Acquisition Fund, Los Angeles New Generation Fund, and Baltimore Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund, among others.

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Forsyth Street
Affordable Housing

Industry leader in
affordable housing finance

Forsyth Street Affordable Housing is a leading expert on financing affordable housing in New York City and nationwide. We assist both for-profit and non-profit developers in all stages of planning and financing the acquisition, rehabilitation, construction, and preservation of affordable housing.

Picture of new, modern affordable housing building in the Bronx

Our Work

We pride ourselves on maintaining long-term relationships with our diverse set of clients that hail from all sectors. 


Forsyth Street has two decades of results in assisting our clients to close affordable housing transactions, create and operate impact investment funds, and bringing our deep expertise to bear on difficult financial problems. 

Forsyth Street

Forsyth Street
Asset Management

Forsyth Street
Affordable Housing

Ford Foundation

Connecticut Green Bank

San Francisco Housing Accelerator Fund

Habitat for Humanity International

United Nations Development Corporation

New York City Acquisition Fund

Neighborhood Impact Investment Fund

New Generation Fund

RED Housing Fund

Forsyth Street Renewables

LIHTC - New Construction and Refinancing

202 Restructuring

Mixed Income Programs and Tax Exemption Compliance

RAD Conversions

Section 8 Recapitalization


Our Team

Bringing the right expertise to the job.

Charles S. Laven

Chairman / CEO

Peter Beck

Managing Director, Affordable Housing

Julijs Liepins

Managing Director, Financial Advisory

Elyssa Jaffe

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Elliott Weissmann

Senior Associate, Asset Management

Rachel Walter

Analyst, Financial Advisory

Aileen Gribbin

President, Affordable Housing

Marc Jahr

Senior Advisor, Financial Advisory

Amy Chandra

Managing Director, Affordable Housing

Magdalena Lesniakiewicz

Vice President, Asset Management

Leanne Fitzner

Senior Associate, Financial Advisory

Luis Sebastian Bango

Analyst, Financial Advisory

Esther Sandrof

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Freedman-Schnapp

Managing Director, Financial Advisory

Evan Seiler

Managing Director, Asset Management

Kevin McLoughlin

Vice President, Asset Management

Kamu Kakizaki

Senior Associate, Affordable Housing

Chuck Brass

Senior Advisor, Affordable Housing

Daniela Greville

Managing Director, California Local Lead

Olga Jobe

Senior Vice President, Affordable Housing

Amina Amer

Senior Associate, Affordable Housing

Meghan Turville

Office Manager


Contact Us

588 Broadway, Suite 1208, New York, NY 10012


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